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Tekla structures
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Tekla structures

Tekla Structures



Course Description

Tekla Structures is the first intelligent 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software and

the most advanced on the market that provides an accurate, dynamic, and data‐rich 3D

environment. Essentially, the Tekla model contains all the information required from

conceptual design, detailing, and manufacturing to construction of a project in a single

environment. Graphic, design, etc.

Course Objectives

 Trainees will be able to do

 Model and add connections to simple steel structures

 Model and edit columns, beams, bracing simple and interactive connections.

 Produce both general arrangement and shop drawings

 Create reports such as material and bolt lists

Course Duration

10 classes x 3.0 hours = 30 total hours

Course Outline


 What is Tekla structures

 How to install & open program

 Tekla user interface contents


 Tekla Structures Working Environment

 Grid and Level Settings

 Model Views

 Modeling of Basic Structural Elements

 Joint Detailing with System Components

 Interactive Detailing

 Numbering Settings

Drawing & reports

 Create Drawings

 Drawing editing

 Drawing layout and paper size

 Drawings types [GA & Fabrication]

 Drawing export to dwg

 Print drawings

 Create reports

 Report types

Project Settings

 Project setup

 Model folder

 Template folder

 Attribute folder

Connection Detailing

 Steel System Component

 Custom Detail

 Custom Connection

 Custom Part

Template Editing

 Title Block and Company Logos

 Report Template

 Drawing Template


 Import / Export

 Reference Model

 Merging Tekla Structures Models

Profile and Material Database

 Profiles database

 Create New Profile

 Material database

 Create New Material

 Bolt database


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